SERS Chips

The SERS chip’s active area is formed using an ultra-short pulse laser on a soda-lime glass substrate. The SERS chip substrate material is a weak Raman scattered and therefore particularly suitable for SERS application (as compared to most crystalline materials). Therefore, our SERS chip will give very strong Raman signal on the probe molecule with low background signal from the substrate itself.

The SERS chips are made from patented techniques where the resulting surface structure features a stochastic nanopattern with features from few nanometers to almost a micron in size. These features have very good resonance characteristics for various excitation wavelengths and adsorbed analyte molecules.

Analyte molecules, attached in the proximity of a certain combination of nano-features may experience the so called ‘hot spot’ effect, which leads to extremely high enhancement of Raman scattering. A single SERS chip can be used for various experimental conditions, different analytes and results in a very high relative enhancement ratio of the Raman scattering up to 106.

All SERS chips are vacuum packed in cleanroom environment with no glue or other chemical substances added, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Substrate Sliver Gold
Excitation Wavelength Blue to Infrared Red to Near Infrared
Active Area 4mm by 4mm
Overall Size 25mm by 25mm by 1mm
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