In 2021 we are launching 3 new products.

2021 NEW Product RELEASE!


In 2021 we are launching 3 new products. pRaman, uSight-FXM and uSight-2100.

A portable Raman system that gives the user the flexibility to carry it around, highly suitable for outfield experiment or testing.

We have broadened our product line and launched uSight-FXM. Users can now enjoy the flexibility of connecting the uSight-FXM to a wide range of spectrometer and laser of their choice.

An improvised version from our uSight-2000. uSight-2100 equips with a 2048 pixels linear array CMOS sensor for rapid acquisition time to as low as 100┬Ás. The same sensor also offers high sensitivity in the UV region, which when coupled with correct optics covers the spectral range down to 250 nm.