uSight-X is a compact Laser induced Luminescence module that offers users the flexibility to connect, via optical fibre cable, with different types of detectors ranging from compact spectrometer to high-end research grade spectrograph. It is ideal for laboratories that requires the flexibility to utilize existing or varying combination of spectrometers or spectrographs for varying samples and can be configured to cover measurement such as Raman, Photoluminescence and Fluorescence.

uSight-X comes with option of single or dual lasers combination, as well as with polarization options for excitation and collection. Confocal or Non-confocal mode can be easily changed using different core sizes optical fiber as the fiber core acts as the collection pin-holes. Similar to uRaman-M, uSight-x can be easily integrated with existing upright microscopes from leading microscope brands, without affecting their performance.

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