The pRaman is a portable Raman spectroscopy system to be carried out for out-field work. It comes with a flexible optical fiber probe for probing of samples which is not possible to be extracted . The pRaman comes with near-infrared laser (785nm or 830nm) which is preferred for samples with high background fluorescence.

The spectrometer, integrated into the pRaman, comes with a high-sensitive, back-illuminated and low-etalon cooled-CCD linear detector, which is ideal for measuring weak Raman signals.

The compact design along with the flexible fiber probe make it easy for user to bring the system for out-field applications. Not limiting to solid or powder sample, user can use the pRaman to measure liquid samples with an optional liquid sample holder.

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Laser Power at laser port (Software controllable)
785nm 500nW  
830nm 500mW  
1064nm 500mW  
Spectrometer  Spectral Range  Spectral Resolution 
785nm system 250–3200 cm-1 ~9 cm-1
830nm system 250-2100 cm-1 ~10 cm-1
1064nm system 250-1650 cm-1 ~ 15 cm-1
Detector – 785/830
Detector type 1024 x 58 pixels, back-illuminated, low-etalon
Cooling ~ -10 deg. C
Integration time 7ms–10 mins
Detector – 1064
Detector type 256 pixels TE-cooled in GaAs linear array
Cooling Cooling~ -0 deg. C
Integration time 0.02ms-20secs
Interface USB3.0/USB2.0
LAN (RJ-45)
Physical dimension  LxBxH
24.7×35.3×18.8 (cm)


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