The uSight-2000 Microspectroscopy system enables user to carry out UV-Vis-NIR measurement at microscopic level. With the 100X objective, the imaging spot diameter can go as small as 1┬Ám. This is ideal for investigating optical transmittance, reflectance or absorbance properties of samples with micron-sized structures. In addition to UV-Vis-NIR Microspectroscopy, users can also perform additional. imaging modalities such as fluorescence, Raman, dark-field, phase contrast, brightfield, polarization and DIC imaging.


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  • Affordable and Compact
  • Multi -imaging method
  • Mapping option
Spectral Range 200-1100nm
Spectral Resolution(fixed) Default @ 1.5 nm; optional of 1nm, 2.5 nm,and 5 nm
Spatial Resolution Down to 1.0 um with 100x  objective
Detector 2048 pixels CCD, 16 Bits
Integration time 1.2 ms-600 sec
Dynamic Range 3,300 (SNR 300:1)
Non-linearity <0.1%
Stray Noise <0.1%
Alignment Spot White LED
Mapping Optional

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