Customer Testimonials

  • The uRaman system was installed in early of 2016 and the system works exceptionally well since the installation. It is a very stable and reliable system in acquiring good results, which are comparable with other Raman systems in the market. Technospex gave very helpful advice and excellent technical support whenever we need their help.  I have no hesitation to recommend the system to others

    Dr CHIA Chin Hua, Associate Professor - Materials Science Programme - Faculty of Science and Technology - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – Malaysia

  • It’s been over 8 months since we acquired the uRaman equipped with a 785 nm laser and we’re extremely happy with the purchase. The instrument offers great versatility, both Raman mapping and rapid analysis can be acquired in a fast and efficient manner. In particular, we found very useful the recent addition of the cuvette holder for liquid samples, as we normally perform lots of analysis of colloidal suspensions. Importantly, the instrument and the software are rather user friendly, which make the use of uRaman very straightforward even for non-trained personnel. Very good value for its price!

    Dr Ramón A. Alvarez-Puebla, ICREA Research Professor – Departamento de Quimica Fisica e Inorganica – Universitat Rovira i Virgili – Spain

  • The uRaman system is not very expensive, but its performance is quite high and sufficient for semiconductor and 2D material researchers. The measurement time is short, and the obtained spectrum reach our standard. In addition, the mapping system shows very high performances from 100 μm2  to 1 cm2 , too. Both the measurement and analysis software are quite user friendly, so our students understood how to use it in an intuitive way. If we have some requirements for the system, TechnoSpex customer support properly addressed them. Overall, we are satisfied with this uRaman system for our research.

    Dr. Yasuhide OHNO,Associate Professor – Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering –  Material Science and Device – Graduate School of Science and Technology – Tokushima University – Japan

  • Technospex offers a low cost – and most importantly – high quality Raman micro-spectrometer, the uRaman, that easily competes with (and outperforms, in some cases) industry-standard systems. Our lab is very happy with the performance and flexibility of the system. An added benefit is the field-upgradability of the hardware and software – a critical feature as we can quickly customize and add features for specific experiments with essentially zero downtime. Finally, the exceptional technical support from Technospex has made our experience with the uRaman very productive

    Dr. Sapun Parekh,Group Leader – Molecular Spectroscopy Department – Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research – Germany

  • I find uRaman to be one of the most affordable Raman microscopes in the market. It provides a hassle-free way of performing micro-Raman measurements as it requires minimal optics alignment, unlike home-built or other commercially available systems. This allows researchers who are not specialists in the field of optics to focus on their respective fields of expertise. On the other hand, the modular design of the system combined with excellent after-sales service and technical support offered by Technospex means that researchers can customize and build complementary capabilities on their uRaman if they wish to do so. Overall, this can be a very useful system in almost every laboratory

    Ms. Subramanian Gomathy Sandhya,Research Specialist – Institute of Material Research and Engineering (IMRE) – A*STAR – Singapore

  • The uRaman provides the best solution for Raman-related research in the market. For our experiment in in-situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) experiments, it is able to capture spectral change at very short acquisition time. For instance, its “Live” and/or “Time-lapsed” modes allow us to monitor events occuring in < 1s with clear and well-resolved spectra. The uSoft software is user-friendly with convenient buttons for quick back-to-back measurements with zero downtime. It is no doubt an ideal tool for real-time spectroscopic study on fast reaction phenomenon. Our current projects have been made possible with the uRaman set-up from Technospex.

    Mr. Gia Chuong PHAN-QUANG, Nanyang Presidential Scholarship Ph.D. candidate and Dr LING Xing Yi, Associate Professor, – Chemistry and Biological Chemistry – School of Physical and Mathematical Science – Nanyang Technological University – Singapore

  • uRaman is an affordable and user-friendly Raman microscope, which exhibits satisfactory performance and allows high degree of customization. In our lab, Technospex managed to customize an integrated microscope for us as requested, which consists of both a fluorescence and Raman unit integrated into a single unit. Technospex has the expertise to address customer’s need and we are very happy with the excellent technical support since we bought the uRaman system.

    Dr KAH Chen Yong James,Assistant Professor – Department of Biomedical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – National University of Singapore – Singapore

  • TechnoSpex’s uRaman small footprint was ideal for our undergraduate teaching lab, and the fully integrated yet simple design also allows our students to execute measurement easily. What really caught our initial interest was its ease in obtaining beautiful spectrum even from samples with monolayer thicknesses such as 2D materials, which our research labs are doing with systems costing much more. Thus far, the system has been performing very well and beyond our expectations. We are also very happy and impress by their attention to customer needs and the level of technical support provided in meeting our teaching lab demands.

    Dr TOK Eng Soon,Associate Professor – Electronic Materials Growth and Interface Characterisation (eMaGIC) Laboratory – Department of Physics – Faculty of Science – National University of Singapore – Singapore