Specialisation & Capabilities



Our focuses on the optical spectroscopy approach to investigate a wide range of properties ranging from soft matter to solid materials from nano to bulk scale.



  • ✔ Applicable to many industries.
  • ✔ Non-invasive, Non-destructive approach.
  • ✔ Industrial Centric Customization from hardware to software research and development


Suitable industries:



Our Capabilities

  • ✔ Raman spectroscopy
  • ✔ Raman microspectroscopy for micron size sampling
  • ✔ UV spectroscopy
  • ✔ UV-Vis NIR spectroscopy (for bulk samples and micron sampling)
  • ✔ NIR spectroscopy
  • ✔ FTIR, XRF, SEM, AFM, etc

Successful Cases under NDA

  • ✔ Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Food Processing, Production Monitoring, etc
  • ✔ The problem statement includes,
  • ✔ How to differentiate good and bad XXX? Non-contact, non-destructively?
  • ✔ Traditional QC or grading methods are highly human dependent, can we “complement” this with a non-destructive and more reliability scientific approach?
  • ✔ Can we monitor for XXX inline during production? But first to correlate XXX to our final yield?
  • ✔ Can we detect counterfeit, imitation, adulteration or contamination? And translate this eventually to a portable or inline monitoring device? Enjoy with slots online uk.



Our customers: