Motorized stage

Technospex offer various highly integrated motorized XY microscope stages for precise positional control of the spot and mapping measurement. All our motorized stages have inbuilt measuring system and simple coaxial drive control which offers 1um or better repeatability with quiet operation. These motorized stages can be used for a wide range of sample holders; specimens and samples in many types of microscopy or imaging techniques and applications.

These motorized stages are computer controlled and integrated with our uSoft program. With the control via uSoft, users can easily position their sample down to 50nm step size for our uRaman or uSight modules. These motorized stages are ideal for automatically positioning a wide range of samples for Raman mapping or multiple point spectral measurement up to 75mm x 50mm is possible.

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  • Compact, integrated controller
  • Integrated linear measuring systems for highest accuracy
  • Operation via integrated coaxial drive with 2 speed ranges for coarse positioning or fine adjustment
  • Coaxial drive adjustable in height and friction for ergonomical handling
  • Single Cable Solution: Communication between stage and controller plus electricity supply, all in one single, flexible cable
  • One-hand Operation: Slide can be inserted into object holder using one hand only
Travel range Max. 76 x 52 mm (3“ x 2“)
Travel speed Max. 120 mm/s
Repeatability < 1 μm (bi-directional, measured according to VDI/DGQ 3441)
Accuracy +/–3 μm (measured according to VDI/DGQ 3441)
Resolution >0.05 μm (smallest step size)
Orthogonality < 10 arc sec
Motor 2 phase stepper motor
Drive X-axis: bowden cable, Y-axis: rack – pinion/td>
Limit switches Integrated Hall sensors
Interface USB
Material / Surface Aluminium / anodic coating, black laquered
Worktop CERASIST® coated
Weight Approx. 2.9 kg

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