Cuvette holder

Where measurement of liquid is required, Technospex offers original design cuvette holder enables user to perform liquid measurement with standard cuvette. Our cuvette holder is compact, modular design and can direct-attach to the microscope objective nose piece which integrate seamlessly with our uRaman and uSight series. Once attached, there is no further alignment is required. The new cuvette holder is low cost and ingenious accessory that empower micro-Raman microscope system to perform Raman measurement of the liquid sample in a standard cuvette, i.e. 45 (H) × 12.5 (W) × 12.5(L) mm cuvette.

Inside the new cuvette holder design, we use a macro-lens to focus the laser into the cuvette to maximize signal collection and throughput over the 1 cm pathlength cuvettes. This enable signal from a large collection volume and more representative Raman signal. It is a much have multipurpose cuvette holder for uv-vis, fluorescence and Raman measurement for liquid measurement.

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