Lab Asia 2015

Do you want to explore more varieties of spectroscopy system for your scientific research? uRaman, the state-of-the-art flexible Raman spectroscopy system, offers high performing system that can be easily integrated with most microscopes and setups without affecting the overall microscope configurations.
A seminar with title “Micro Raman System from Technospex” will be held at Lab Asia on 7th October 2015, featuring the uRaman-Module. Presented by RGS Corporation, the seminar will take you through the features & technologies applied in the module and the benefits of using uRaman.

Dr Eddie Tan, the Chief Scientist of Technospex and the specialist of micro Raman system are invited to be the speaker of the seminar. Dr Eddie developed Raman spectroscopy imaging and mapping system for pre-cancer studies. With his experience in designing and developing various optical systems, including common-path optical coherence tomography (OCT) system, rigid scanning endoscope for application in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) imaging, refractive index sensors with long period fiber gratings and structural sensors with fiber Bragg gratings, Dr Eddie is going to share his knowledge and findings on micro Raman system to the laboratory personnel and scientists.